Monday, November 24, 2008

All looks good

We went to the Dr. today and he did another ultrasound. We were able to see and hear the heartbeat which is so exciting! I am about 9 weeks and he has set the date for June 29. The arms and legs are starting to form too which was neat to see. He wants to see me about every 2 weeks since I have had previous health problems with my stomach. I have been off all my medication and I am doing really well. We are thanking God continually for how my health has been during this pregnancy. We pray that I will continue to feel well. I will try to get Casey to take a pic soon. We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to Houston for Thanksgiving. I am soooo ready for a break and to eat lots of yummy food. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and be safe!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Congratulations! I just found out you guys were expecting! Yeah! You are going to be so cute pregnant!

Joe said...

I am glad that things are still going well for you. Just think, next Thanksgiving you will have a 5 month old baby! :)

Joe said...

Why does my blogger name say JOE?