Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a difference

I think I have finally figured out the problem with our little Adley! I feel like a horrible mommy for not figuring it out sooner. Once we got her on the right formula and once I figured out I was keeping her awake WAY TOO long...things are MUCH better. I now feed her when she wakes up from her nap, play with her for only about 15 minutes or so and she is ready for a nap again. Except for in the evenings I let her stay up a little longer so that she will sleep at night...still waking up once to feed but I can handle that as long as she goes back to sleep right away. Of course she still has her moments but I think all babies do! She is such a sweetie and we are enjoying her sooo sooo much! Oh yeah and we've also been giving her a little Chamomile tea which helps calm and relax her and her tummy. I'm off to do laundry before nap time is over!

Monday, September 21, 2009

God Knew...

This is our living room, the only room that is done

We cannot get her to smile when the camera comes out

Loves playing with daddy

'I need a vacation' So does Mommy

God knew what he was doing giving us our little Adley. He has taught me a lot of patience! I thought I was a patient person already from being a PreK teacher, but I guess not! We are really enjoying her though and seeing her cute little personality come out! She will be 4 months on October 2. She can completely control her head, loves to stand up on her toes, loves to squirm around on the floor when she is on her back, hates tummy time, is smiling a lot (when she feels good), and many more things! We have her on some expensive formula and I think it's working, but she still has her many moments of not being happy. We will see! Adley, you have changed our lives completely and mommy and daddy love you very much!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been WAY too long...

I don't even know if people read this any more since I haven't posted in soooo long. Our little princess has changed EVERYTHING around here. We are having a few issues that I won't go into detail but please pray for us as things are pretty rough right now. We go to the Dr. tomorrow to see if she has any ideas to do. Adley is such a sweetie but she is so unhappy and cries so much. We just want her to be happy!

Since all of this has been going on our house is put together enough, but we still have lots to do. I'm hoping to get it all put together soon and post pics of our beautiful home and our pretty little girl.

Be looking for pics....hopefully soon :)