Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a difference

I think I have finally figured out the problem with our little Adley! I feel like a horrible mommy for not figuring it out sooner. Once we got her on the right formula and once I figured out I was keeping her awake WAY TOO long...things are MUCH better. I now feed her when she wakes up from her nap, play with her for only about 15 minutes or so and she is ready for a nap again. Except for in the evenings I let her stay up a little longer so that she will sleep at night...still waking up once to feed but I can handle that as long as she goes back to sleep right away. Of course she still has her moments but I think all babies do! She is such a sweetie and we are enjoying her sooo sooo much! Oh yeah and we've also been giving her a little Chamomile tea which helps calm and relax her and her tummy. I'm off to do laundry before nap time is over!


the.fortes said...

Glad you got it settled, Jen. There are so many variables and they can't tell us what's wrong. You're on your way! It's one big guessing game. If the baby whisperer thinks differently I think I have to completely disagree.:)

Joe and Talsie said...

I'm so glad! You are NOT a horrible mommy! You are doing all that you can to help your little girl. Remember how much Micaiah cried the first time you met him? Too much stimulation will make for a very grumpy baby.
I hope things continue to go well.

Aubrie said...

Jen~ If you haven't already, try reading "Baby Wise". I thought it was great, and worked like magic!