Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, you hear all the time that a baby changes your life forever. You don't realize the full meaning of that until you have one. I cannot even explain to you how much Adley has changed me, but I will try. With all of the trials and struggles we have had I would not take them back at all. This little girl is a HUGE part of my life now. She has no idea how much I love her and how I would do anything for her. She has made me become closer to God, pray more, read the Bible more, learn to not be so selfish, and so many more. As a mommy you have to be on your toes all the time. You have to be making decisions all the time and be so consistent with them. I want to be the best parent possible. I know I will make mistakes but I pray daily that I will raise this little girl the right way and she will love God and know Him. Even today I am molding her into the woman that she will become some day. I love you, Adley, more than you can even imagine.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is that a boy??

Now I know many people mistake babies for being a boy if they are a girl and vice verse. But it's always funny when they do because of the outfits they are wearing. Adley was wearing a PINK top, an overall jumper dress, and tights this morning to church. Someone comes up to us and asked if she was a boy...uhhh really?!? We feel pretty bad for any boy who would be dressed in that. I guess I should have remembered to put a bow in her, I'm sure the question still would have been asked. I know people just aren't that observant but it's just funny!

Friday, February 19, 2010


A friend of mine gave me a book that she had used with her baby. It's called Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems and has some really good information. I have done what the book says to do today during nap time and we will do it at night as well. So far it has worked well. I am seeing some much needed sleep in our future as soon as we have this taken care of!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine

We gave Adley her presents on Saturday night because we just couldn't wait any longer! She got a soft teddy bear from her Daddy and a fun little toy from me. She loves both of them!! I completely forgot to take pictures of her on Sunday in her cute little outfit. I did get a few pics of her sleeping on her dad that night. Casey got me a pedicure appt for my present and I got him a business card holder thing that goes on his desk. We had a great Valentine's Day! We love our little Adley girl and thank God her her. Sorry the pictures are out of order!

Complete Change

Adley has been doing great the past several months. She would always lay down for a nap and bed time awake and just talk and play herself to sleep. She would always wake up happy and play in her crib for a while. We went to Colorado the beginning of Feb and she does NOT sleep in pack n plays for some reason. I fought her for a while but I HAD to get some sleep. She ended up sleeping with me the 5 nights we were there. She even took a few naps with me too. Well, ever since we have been back home she screams and screams when I lay her down for naps and bed time. She will not calm down. I just can't let her scream like that for hours plus she bangs her head on her crib rails. I thought it would just take her a few days to get back into being at home and adjusting to not sleeping with me. Well, it has been 6 days and she still is not doing well. Once I do get her to sleep at night she is up every 2-3 hours and will not go back to sleep. She is not sick and we are not sure if she is teething. She is perfectly happy until it's time to go to sleep. It seems like she would be kinda fussy during the day too if she was teething.

I just need some ideas/suggestions as to what to do! Has this ever happened with anyone?

Monday, February 8, 2010

36 Weeks Tomorrow

Adley will be 36 weeks tomorrow!!! Adley was born when I was 36 weeks along so the number is special! We thank God for our beautiful healthy girl all the time!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

8 Months!

February 2, 2010: Happy 8 months to our Adley girl!! We love you soooo much!

I know it's been a while since I have posted...a lot has happened and I won't even go into all the details. We had a huge ice storm and lost power for 4 days and stayed with a few people. It was so kind of them to let us stay with them but it was a very long few days. Adley did great through the whole thing though! Some people still do not have power though and I feel so bad for them. I didn't even take any pictures of the ice storm. We left our camera at home! Oh well.

Sorry the post is not much but I'm off to clean and do laundry while Adley is napping. Have a great day!!!