Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Complete Change

Adley has been doing great the past several months. She would always lay down for a nap and bed time awake and just talk and play herself to sleep. She would always wake up happy and play in her crib for a while. We went to Colorado the beginning of Feb and she does NOT sleep in pack n plays for some reason. I fought her for a while but I HAD to get some sleep. She ended up sleeping with me the 5 nights we were there. She even took a few naps with me too. Well, ever since we have been back home she screams and screams when I lay her down for naps and bed time. She will not calm down. I just can't let her scream like that for hours plus she bangs her head on her crib rails. I thought it would just take her a few days to get back into being at home and adjusting to not sleeping with me. Well, it has been 6 days and she still is not doing well. Once I do get her to sleep at night she is up every 2-3 hours and will not go back to sleep. She is not sick and we are not sure if she is teething. She is perfectly happy until it's time to go to sleep. It seems like she would be kinda fussy during the day too if she was teething.

I just need some ideas/suggestions as to what to do! Has this ever happened with anyone?


Joe said...

This CONSTANTLY happened with Micaiah. He still does not sleep well when we go out of town (but does fine at my parents', go figure). Last week when we came back from KS I would lay down with him every day at nap time to get him to sleep and he would wake every morning at 6:30 wanting to sleep in our bed. I would have to rock him extra long at bedtime. Now he is finally back to his normal schedule after having been out of town two weekends in a row. Sometimes I think you just have to indulge their needs for the moment. Keep encouraging your regular schedule as much as possible but be willing to rock, pat or lay down with her if she cannot get to sleep. I am sure she will get back to her regular self soon!